Meek but Mighty

     Every person has a story. Where they have been? What did they overcome? How did they overcome those trials and how do they spread their light in the world around them? Every person's account and story is as unique as they why not share those stories through laughter, love and SOME BLING! Every month we will feature a new SPOTLIGHT STORY with a corresponding feature jewelry item along with a link to an audio book for even more great knowledge and inspiration! 

Stories of trials turned into triumph....and some bling!

Small  hand stamped pendants that broadcast mighty message. ​

Large collar necklaces that are too gorgeous not to be heard...just like you!

Dainty Elegance

Rustic pieces that have an earthy quality. Bringing you back to your roots and creating a connection with nature. 

Elegant pieces that reflect your inner beauty, elegance and grace. 

A selection from one of our categories will be chosen monthly to highlight and compliment the chosen spotlight story! Check back each month for new stories and new available jewelry!

Sticks & Stones

Jewelry Categories

Loud & Proud